Thursday, January 20, 2011

make-up tips

Except for parties teenagers should use makeup most sparingly. Try to keep your face as natural as possible. Follow our makeup tips given below. 


Use foundation cream to cover up little blemishes that are there on the skin and foundation will also give your skin an even finish. Choose the foundation cream, which is as close as your skin tone. Blend it evenly and don't forget to blend it into your neck.


Powder helps in mixing and setting your foundation right and also adds a natural glow to your skin. Use loose powder since it gives an even finish and the excess is easy to remove. However compressed powder is easy to carry around so girls find that handy.


Blusher gives your face warmth and makes it livelier. But use it properly since blush used at wrong places might give quite funny looks. For example if you use blush too near to your nose, it will draw your face inwards. If you want to make your eyes appear wide the just sweep some blush outwards. If you want a chiselled look dab some under your cheekbones.


You can use highlighters to give shape and appearance to your face and also to draw attention to your good and plus points, such as your eyes. You can put a touch of highlighter on the top of your cheekbone and under your brow.

Eye make-up: 

Do not use eye makeup at daytime. Use a light colour to cover your eyelid and eye socket. Take a slightly dark colour and shade in above your eye crease and down to the top of your eyelid. Outline the eye as close to the lashes as you can and blend in both top and bottom lines so that they don't look too hard. Apply two coats of mascara to upper and lower lashes.


Lipstick adds colour to your face and thus is said to give the finishing touch. Outline the lips with a lip pencil in either the same shape as your lipstick or one shade darker and fill in with lipstick. Add a lip glow afterwards if you like.


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