Monday, January 24, 2011

Applying Eyeliner

Eyeliner can be one of the trickiest things to use, but when applied properly the effects can be amazing. Most people use an eyeliner pencil because they think is will be easier, but with a bit of practice, liquid eyeliner can be used successfully too, so that either way you end up with a nice straight line.

Eyeliner Application
Before you begin applying the eyeliner, there are a few things you should do; firstly, apply any other eye makeup you want to use before adding eye liner and mascara. It may also be helpful if you remove dangly bracelets and watches as they can often get in the way or just become irritating distractions. Make sure you have a good mirror and lighting so that you can properly see what you are doing when using the eyeliner.

Eyeliner Pencil
1. The eyeliner pencil should be able to draw a thin, unbroken line along your skin - test it on your hand or arm first. Either sharpen it until the line is thin enough, or if it is too thin, draw a line on a tissue, which will make the tip blunter.

2. You should hold the eyeliner pencil as you would hold a pencil or pen to write with, usually with your dominant hand. Use your other hand to stretch the eye you are going to line from the outer corner. You can rest your hand holding the pencil against the hand pulling your lid taut.

3. Don't try to focus on your whole eye lid at one time - just look at the part you are drawing on. The line should be just above your eye lashes on the top lid and just below on the bottom, and should extend just to the outer corner of your eye.

4. Be wary if your eyeliner pencil tip is quite dry, as this may pull at delicate eye tissue. Draw the line with care if this is the case.

Liquid Eyeliner
1. Liquid eyeliner comes in a bottle rather like ink, and you must use a separate brush to apply. The best result will come from a point liner brush.

2. It is natural to close your eye as you draw the line, but if you keep it open, it will actually make it easier to follow the curve of your lid and thus have a straighter line.

3. You do not need to try and paint a continuous line with liquid eyeliner. It is actually easier to pain a few small dashes onto the lash line, eg. Inner corner, middle and outer corner, then go back and connect them.

4. If you want a thicker line than this initial thin one, build it up gradually. Start at the middle of the lash line and draw towards the outer corner. You can extend the line slightly past the outer corner of your eyelid if you wish.


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