Saturday, August 13, 2011

How to Remove Cracked Heels Fast

Cracked heels are the enemy of fashionable feet. Dry and sometimes painful, these heel fissures are common in senior citizens and people who are constantly standing on their feet. When your skin becomes dry due to cold weather, cracked heels are often the unsightly result. To get feet sandal-ready and smooth again, apply these home remedies to repair your cracked heels fast

*Fill the foot basin with warm soap and water. Ease your feet into the soapy mixture. Proceed to soak your feet for a minimum of 20 minutes. Don’t scrub your feet with the pumice stone during the soaking phase. Once the cracked skin on your heels has softened, remove your feet from the tub.
*Gently scrub your feet with a foot file or pumice stone. Scrape your cracked heels repeatedly until you have reduced the dead skin significantly. Be careful not to puncture your skin with the foot file. Towel dry your feet thoroughly. If you suffer with diabetes or have a fungal infection, check with your physician before you proceed with this step. Clean the foot file with mild soap, followed by alcohol or a germ-killing solution for sterilization.
*Moisturize repeatedly. Apply shea butter, Vaseline or olive oil directly to the heels of your feet. Replicate this step to prevent the cracked skin from reforming on the bottom of your heels. Before going to bed each night apply another thick layer of moisturizer to heal the skin while you sleep. Cover your feet with thick cotton socks to seal the oil into your skin.
*Apply fresh fruit and lemon juice to your feet for extra pampering. If your skin has remnants of dry skin left after the moisturizing step, apply lemon juice, a ripe banana or crushed pineapple to your cracked heels. Leave this fruit mixture on your feet for 10 minutes. Follow this step with a layer of moisturizer to soften your feet.


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