Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Beauty Tip For Neck Cleaning

For beautiful neck … Apply Neck pack for reducing blackness around the neck region 
If proper care is not taken, neck and the region around the neck turn black in color. It will be awkward to see difference in colors of neck and face. This problem can be rectified by taking some care and by using this pack.

   *Potato – one
   *Unpasteurized milk – 5 to 10 tea spoons
   *Olive oil – one tea spoon
   *Coconut oil – one tea spoon

Potato has to be boiled and should be crushed after cooling. The outer layer should not be removed. Required amounts of milk, olive oil are to be added and made into paste. Neck region should be cleaned first and then coconut oil should be applied. Then the potato paste should be applied. Keep this pack for twenty minutes and then wash it with cold water.  This method has to be followed for three months daily, then the blackness accumulated near the neck region turns  into normal color.

Neck becomes dirty because of the effect of dirt, pollution and sunrays. When proper cleaning of neck is not done than there is difference in the color of face and neck. There are wrinkles on the neck. That is why whenever you wash your face cleaning of neck becomes necessary.

* Rub the neck while bathing, it will remove the dead skin.

* Apply thin layer of cleansing milk before sleeping in the night. Than wipe it with moist cotton. It will remove the dirt which is collected in the pores of skin.

* For the nutrition of the skin massage it with cold cream, olive oil, almond or coconut oil. Massage on neck should be in upward direction up till the chin. 

* Apply face pack on neck once in a month. It removes the wrinkles of neck and improves the complexion

* Apply make up on neck also if you go to some party. Otherwise there will be difference in the color of neck and face. Use foundation and powder on neck.

* Keep the neck slender with regular exercise.

* Apply sunscreen on neck when going out in the sun.

* Use scrub on neck 2 times at least in a week. Mix soya bean powder in scrub. Apply this paste on neck for 10 minutes and wash your neck. It will remove the wrinkles of neck.

Face Packs for Neck 

Mix banana pulp or papaya pulp in milk powder and apply it on the neck. After getting dry wash the neck.

You can take the treatment of parlor also for the regular cleaning of neck.

Face Packs for Neck During Summer
First Day:

Mix Glycerin in cucumber juice if your skin is dry, mix rose water in cucumber juice if your skin is oily. Apply it on your neck.

Second Day:

Mix raw milk in tomato pulp. Apply it on neck for 15 minutes. It will clean the neck and wrinkles will be removed.


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