Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Blush tips..

Blush is probably the most overlooked makeup product there is. Blush gives your face a rosy, healthy glow. You can also use blush to contour facial features to enhance your cheekbones, elongate a round face, minimize a long face and highlight your best features. Most women skip this vital makeup step because they do not know exactly how to apply blush in the correct fashion. Use these blush application tips to help.

Makeup Tip, How to Apply Blush properly:

Blush should generally be applied directly on the cheekbones, and blended out and up towards the temple area. Never apply blush closer to the nose than the outer rim of your iris or below an imaginary line from nostril base to edge of face. Choose blusher colors that match your eye shadow and lip color or that have a slight reddish pinky color to them. Fair skin looks great in rose, olive in peach & dark skin in apricot or even red.

Contouring and highlighting with Blush to enhance your face shape:
Matching your blush application to your face shape ensures a perfect blush application every time..

Blush Application for an Oval Face: The perfect shaped face, needs little help from blush. But here's a few tips: For a natural look, apply blush onto the apples of your cheeks for a flushed, healthy glow.

Blush Application for a Square Face: Soften the angles of your cheeks by applying  the brighter color blush on the apples of the cheeks, then sweep the blush towards your temples. This causes the eye to look up, taking away from the sharp angles of a square face shape. You can also contour to round your jawline, by lightly dusting some blush from your chin to just below your ears.

Blush Application for a Round Face: Apply blush to the area above the apples of  your cheeks and blend slightly forward to thin the round face. Avoid getting the blush too close to your nose; this highlights the roundness of your cheeks.

Blush Application for a Long Face: To create the illusion of width on a long face, apply blush to the apples of the cheeks and extend the blush outward towards your ears. Next, sweep your blush across the middle of your forehead and along your chin line. This effect will shorten your long face.

Blusher Tips:

    Soften bright blush with loose face powder

    Always apply blush with a larger round brush. Don't use the small stick-like thing they give you in the compact.

    Your blush should match the rest of your makeup but specially the lip color.

    Never use blush on the underside of cheekbones.

    Select a color of blush that resembles the natural color of your cheeks after you exercise.
   Use blush on your temples and around jawline to contour your face. Be sure to blend well.

    Apply blush last,  after all other makeup


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