Friday, August 12, 2011


Alright let's face it, most women want to be able to do their makeup quickly! A morning makeup makeover shouldn't take long to do. Stay at home moms, students, business women - who has time for makeup application that takes FOREVER?
Choose the right products, tools and techniques and you're ON YOUR WAY to lookin' GREAT! After all, if you don't look great, you don't feel great! See below, for some necessary product recommendations to make your daytime makeup application quick, easy and most importantly...CHEAP!

To pull off a 5 minute makeover in 5 minutes or less you need to have your makeup products organized and ready to go in the morning....if you have to search for them in your purse, makeup bag, etc...this takes away precious time.

Now here are my recommendations on how to achieve your 5 minute makeover:

1-Dual Perfection Pressed Powder:

Time required: 30secs

Quick and easy to apply with a powder brush yet gives you a fresh, flawless look and provides even coverage.

2- Pressed Blush:

Time required: 20secs

Use for both cheeks and eyes for a hint of color.


Time required: 60secs

Make your eyes pop by curling and thickening your lashes.


Time required: 30secs

Nothin' like a little color and shine combined!!


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