Saturday, August 20, 2011

Foot Pampering At Home

One day when you are free keep some time for foot pampering

For this you may need one large bowl.

In the bowl fill with warm water. Add lemon slices. Add rose petals or few drops of rose oil

If you have forming gel add that also.

Now dip your feet and splash the water to form bubbles.

Keep both legs on this water for another 10 min.

Now take out one foot and put on the knee of the other leg.

Now you can use scrub. For that mix 4tsp.of green gram flour, 2tsp.of sugar powder, almond oil and sandalwood powder.

Use this as a scrub.

Scrub all over the foot with light or medium pressure.

If you have cracked heel then use pumics/puming stone to rub

Then after finishing this, keep this foot on water and clean it.

Then do the same for the other foot.

Now the water in the bowl is cool. Take out both the feet and towel dry

If you want you can cut your nails and give shape to them

Now you can apply any moisturizer or cold cream on both feet

Now you can go for nail polish.


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