Monday, May 23, 2011

Dark Circles

Dark circles can be caused by fatigue, poor circulation, extra-thin skin under the eyes, hyperpigmentation or illness. Dark circles don't have to be bother you forever -- there are procedures to subdue this if not correct it entirely. Treating the cause will help keep dark circles from coming back. In the meantime, consider the following coverup tactics:

Dark Circles Treatment Tips
1. Select an under-eye concealer that's one shade lighter than the foundation you're using.

2. Understand that a pale yellow underbase helps hide blue or grayish circles, while a light blue or mauve underbase masks brownish under-the-eye bags.

3. Dab concealer under your eyes gently, using a soft circular motion.

4. Apply foundation up to the concealer and blend the two shades together gently, using a circular motion.

5. Talk to a dermatologist about prescription bleach creams for chronic dark circles.

6. Ask your doctor about vitamin-A derivative creams and in-office chemical peels that might help lessen the darkness of your circles.
Causes of under eye dark circlus

There can be one or several reasons together which may contribute to a darkened or sunken look.

   * lack of sleep
   * iron or other vitamin deficiencies
   * sickness
   * hyperpigmentation
   * "excessive" vascularization (due to medications such as Retin A)
   * visible blood vessels due to fast loss, thin, aging skin or hereditary thinness or superficial vessels
   * fat loss in general which causes a sunken look

Dark Circles Prevention Tips
Massage with almond oil under and around eyes at bed time daily for 2 weeks and see the improvement. Almond helps to remove dark circles, and is an excellent skin food.

For Puffiness Eyes: Apply vitamin E or olive oil.(Tie some potato grates in a cloth and place over eyes for about 20 minutes.)

Concealing the dark circles through make up techniques.

Apply a paste of fenugreek mixed in milk on dark circles in the night. Wash off in the morning and watch dark circles vanish for good.

Apply peeled and grated potato over night minimum three times a week.

Dip cotton balls in freeze chilled ice-cube and massage the 15-20 minutes on the eyes.

Massage a few drops of coconut oil around the eyes to get rid off dark circles


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