Thursday, December 23, 2010

Winter Skin Care Tips..

Summer time is great. Your skin feels young and alive. But as winter approaches your skin begins to dry and you feel uncomfortably and itchy. What do you do?

Take a lukewarm shower daily, without fail. During winter season too, you need to keep yourself clean and a bath is the best way to keep fresh and hygienic. Use a mild shower gel and avoid harsh and excessively fragrant soaps.

You need to apply moisturizer just after having a bath, when the skin is still moist. Apply a deep cream-based moisturizer on the whole body. Choose a moisturizer with shea butter or cocoa, for extra protection.

You can also add a few drops of olive oil or coconut oil to your bathing water, to keep your skin moist and soft.

You need to exfoliate your skin once a week. Dead cells normally accumulate on the skin during winters and exfoliating them will keep it smooth and clean. Invest in a good brand for the scrub.

Lips also suffer the brunt of winter and you need to apply balms to keep them from getting chapped. First rub your lips with a gentle toothbrush and then apply the balm. You can even apply mustard oil in your navel every night.

Wear gloves while you are doing house chores, so as to prevent your hands from getting rough. In addition, you need to apply a good hand cream two to three times in a day.

The heels get easily cracked during winter season. In order to avoid this condition, apply a foot cream every night and keep the feet cozy in socks.

Massage your hair and body with warm olive oil once a week. You can undertake massage with coconut oil too. You can rub the oil on your body either at night, before going to bed, or in the morning, before taking a bath.

Even in the winter season, do not forget to apply sunscreen daily. At the same time, drink lots of water and eat healthy.

You can also use homemade mask for skin care in winters. Blend avocado with a few drops of olive oil and apply the mixture all over your body, before taking bath. Wash it off after twenty minutes and then take a bath.

Mix yogurt with grounded almonds and then apply the mixture on your face. Wash it off with lukewarm water, after twenty minutes, and find your skin as good as new.


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