Thursday, November 25, 2010

Reduce stretch marks:

Stretch marks occur when the skin expands or stretches due to sudden weight gain – it could be because you've put on/lost weight drastically, or because you're pregnant.
Though skin is elastic to some extent and can be stretched, and stretch marks occur when the inner layer of the skin is stretched so much that it tears. Unfortunately stretch marks are permanent and are difficult to get rid of completely but they can be reduced to some extent. Here are some tips to reduce them:

*Exfoliating the skin with a loofah over the stretch marks helps in stimulating blood circulation. This also helps in getting rid of the dead cells and skin that masquerade as stretch marks.

*Since you already have developed stretch marks it's important to keep your skin hydrated by drinking plenty of water. Having dry skin worsens stretch marks.

*Using creams containing cocoa butter to massage stretch marks is a good remedy.

*After a shower, make sure you apply vitamin E oil on your skin and gently massage.

*Foods that are rich sources of zinc like leafy green vegetables, peppers, soya beans are beneficial in reducing stretch marks.

*Massage stretch marks with a mixture of almond and coconut oil regularly.


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